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Sonder Sisterhood is a collaboration between Carrie, Audrey and Naomi.  Each one has her own unique journey to being single, over 40 and therefore childless not by choice.  They work together to provide a connecting space for others who are navigating the grief and making a way forward.  They know that having a community with others who are walking similar roads is helpful in the healing process and making a way forward to live a joyful, meaningful life.  
Carrie is single and childless not by choice.  Carrie is behind @Theotherpaththerapyandcoaching and has a private practice that serves women who are childless not by choice.  She is a Social Worker by profession and dog mom by choice.  Carrie’s mission is to work with women to help them design a life that shows that even childless, you can have a life that is meaningful, purposeful, and fun.

Audrey is a complex human who is passionate about optimal health, emotional thriving, interpersonal connection and lifelong learning.  She is a private practice counselor, working with deep thinkers and deep feelers who are longing to create a life more in alignment with their potential.  She is also a hospice social worker.   Playing outdoors, cooking yummy paleo food, and researching topics-of-interest are some of her favorite things to do.  Audrey is single and childless not by choice.

Naomi is a creative creature who enjoys adventure.  Her work includes providing support and encouragement for creatives who are ready to take life by the hand and bring their ideas to life.  She’s the host of two podcasts and loves to share inspiring stories.  She’s single & childless so has a deep understanding of navigating the twists and turns of life and living a life unexpected.  You can find Naomi wandering streets she’s never been for creative inspiration and joyful moments.  You can connect with her on IG at A Creative Purpose or Singleness: Extended Edition.

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